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Crab Apple Jelly(No Pectin Needed!)

It’s a beautiful morning in the neighborhood! It is very fall like with cooler nighttime temperatures and sunny days.

My sourdough starter was fed this morning, and I hope to have a fresh loaf of bread by supper.  I fed it with the usual unbleached white flour but will be substituting some whole wheat flour for the white flour in my recipe. I hope it turns out. Wish me luck!


My oldest daughter, Madison, made jelly with our crab apples early this morning. No pectin was needed just the juice from the crab apples and sugar. I really like that! Now I am hoping our crab apple trees grow quickly. Not only are they great pollinators, but they give great jelly too!



3 thoughts on “Crab Apple Jelly(No Pectin Needed!)

  1. I have never made any jelly without pectin. Does it taste the same. Have never made the sourdough bread either. Got a recipe but never tried it. I bet yours will turn out tasty with some wholewheat flour added. Nancy

    • The jelly does taste the same! You can actually use crab apples to make your very own homemade pectin. I want to try it next year. Hopefully I get enough crab apples. My trees are still on the small side. The sourdough bread turned out great.

  2. Yum! Great job! Hey, have you seen the virtual home schoolcoop blog yet? They have a you tube channel as well with Just Sew Trish if you are interested in meeting more people who home school, I thought I would let you know. Have a great day and great job with your apples! Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

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