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Snow Days


We got a lot of snow last week and cold, cold temperatures. We all weathered it out just fine, though, and had tons of fun being snowed in. Our animals did great too. It’s nice when you count your chickens after a snow storm, and they’re all alive and well. 🙂 Quentin made it to work and back home just fine without any trouble at all.

Yesterday, we went out to celebrate McKenzie’s 16th birthday and had cake and ice cream at home. We watched Woodlawn last night to finish off her day.(It was our third time seeing it. We saw it twice in theaters. If you haven’t seen it; watch it; it’s really good.)

It is 47º out today and feels like a heat wave. Hopefully the snow will melt in no time.

Stay warm and safe, everybody!




Columbo weathered out the storm just fine in the carport.


They scratched the straw out to have a place to stand. Smart chickens.





Us being silly. Yep, I love The Princess Bride.


Happy 16th Birthday!

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2 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Hey, it’s me! I’m working on getting back to blogging. Notice I said “working on”. Anyway, I just wanted you to know, I always read your blog just haven’t been leaving comments on anyones. I am going to try to do better. God bless.

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