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We are having fall like weather, and I love it!

I spent the morning doing a menu for the next two weeks and making bread and butter pickles and zucchini pickles.  Our cucumbers and zucchini both are doing amazingly well this year. I think mostly because of the food grade diatomaceous earth and neem oil we used. Both organic and safe!

Our garden has been taken over by sunflowers! We haven’t planted sunflowers in years, but they think our garden exists just for them.

003005They’re so pretty!



3 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. Hi vicki, I just love sunflowers. I don’t have any this year and miss them. You sound so organized with your two week menu! It is so hot and muggy here today! Hope we don’t get a bad storm. Take care. Nancy

  2. I really like sunflowers. They grow well here and are a great natural block with the new places being built across the street in the ten acres, it’s just nice to have them come up again this year. I had some voluntary ones but we planted several this year along the fence line and we are really enjoying them. The different bugs that come to pollinate them are fun, massive dragon flies and butterflies, and several bees. *smile* The ants like them also, so they are not in our home as much and I am wondering if this is why? Our weather is in the mid eighties in the head of the day lately and I much prefer that to the triple digits we were having. Though it is odd for us this time of year, I really appreciate it. *smile* Our tomatoes are on as are the green bells and hot peppers, our cantaloupes are growing this year which is very exciting. *smile* The pumpkin plants are doing well and the watermelons are considering doing something so it’s fun. *smile* Have a great day and thanks for sharing your family fun in your previous posts and the sunflower fun in this one. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

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