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Pickled Radishes

It was already getting stuffy when we got up this morning. The sun is shining and it’s supposed to reach 90º out. I wanted to get the front yard mowed bright and early this morning to avoid the heat, but we got a good summer storm last night and the grass is too wet. I haven’t checked the garden yet, but we lost a lot of gravel in the driveway.

Clothes are out on the line, and boiled eggs are cooling on the counter. We will have egg salad sandwiches with leftover coleslaw and cantaloupe from supper last night for lunch today. Another quart of yogurt is culturing on the counter, and carrots are roasting in the oven. We will chill the carrots in the fridge and add them to our smoothies.

008This was a really good year for growing radishes, so we pickled them to keep them from going to waste. I will pickle the rest when they are ready. I followed the recipe found here. They’re good; go ahead and try them!



5 thoughts on “Pickled Radishes

  1. Such pretty radishes! We must be getting your weather here, tomorrow! It is cooler, yet humid, today and still rainy. In the summer, I can never decide which I like best for lunch, egg salad sandwiches or tomato sandwiches! Andrea

  2. The pickled radishes look so pretty in the jar. I would say I would try to make some but our radishes are almost gone. I am definitely wanting to remember to plant the kind you did for next year.

  3. Your pickled radishes sound interesting. I’ve never had them, but I applaud you for not letting them go to waste.

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