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Dandelion & Violet Jelly

It’s a rainy day in Floyd. The rain is supposed to stick around for a few days. It is still spring, though, and spring is beautiful.

Creeping phlox are blooming on the hillside. The peach tree is as well.


We had a nice, sunny weekend. I got the yard mowed and did some weed-eating.

Dandelions have taken over the front yard, and violets are growing through out the goat field. We love weeds and harvested a bunch to make jelly. πŸ™‚

We have been making dandelion jelly for years. It is lovely and tastes a lot like honey. This year I used the recipe and tutorial found here. It turned out perfectly and set up just like jelly.

007The violet jelly turned out so pretty. Madison did it on her own from start to finish. I was really surprised at how yummy it tastes! The recipe she used is here.

004008I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and remember when life gives you weeds, make jelly!



5 thoughts on “Dandelion & Violet Jelly

  1. “We love weeds” Vicki, that is a profound and brilliant statement!
    Wow, y’all are foragers with the best of them… Your dandelion and violet jellies look and sound delicious. Love the color of the violet jelly especially. Your phlox looks great, too.
    Hope you are having a great week!
    p.s. We have a son-in-law & daughter near where you live – in Pulaski. Floyd is a beautiful area. πŸ™‚

  2. Your jellies look so pretty! I love that website, I bookmarked it so thanks. I was just looking over a recipes for violet jam this morning that (I think) Taste of Home sent me. No dandelions here yet (too early). But if we did get some, they would have lawn chemicals in them! Boy I loved to pick those when I was little!! Andrea

  3. Your jellies look wonderful. The grandkids are coming to my house Thursday to pick dandelions for me. We are making jelly with them. Sam is looking so forward to it. We don’t have any violets but your jelly looks great. I had already saved the recipe from that same website and am planning on using it to make the jelly. I also want to try dandelion tea made from the blossoms but it is too wet today for me to go foraging. Let me know what Quentin’s days off next week are and maybe we can get together. God bless.

  4. Hi! Your jelly is beautiful! I must try making dandelion jelly some year! You have made me want to try that again. I have never done it before! Enjoy your nicer weather! Nancy

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