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Homestead Happenings

A lot got done on our little homestead this week. There were several days of warmth and sunshine. I love sunny work outside kind of days!

I started fencing in our flower beds and fencing out our dogs. Dogs and flower beds do not mix.


With a little luck this bed will soon be taken over by hostas. They will more than likely hide the fence.


I was also able to dig and till a place in the garden to plant asparagus.


Can’t wait until the garden looks more like this!


So I can do lots of canning to fill my new pantry shelf. These were on clearance at Home Depot this week. It looked much smaller in the store.


I covered the silky coop with a tarp to keep the cold winds out and gave them plenty of hay. Our temps will get down near 0º the next few days. We have a hen in there setting. We should have baby chicks next month!


We just have to endure a few more weeks of cold temps then it will be fun in the sun. Spring is definitely on its way. The crocuses told me so!


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6 thoughts on “Homestead Happenings

  1. Hi Vicki! Your pictures give me hope for spring! soon…soon! My spring bulbs are coming up like yours also. I hope they don’t mind this frigid air! My dog doesn’t dig anymore, but when I let the rabbits loose they dig in my garden. After winter, spring seems truly like a miracle! Keep warm and cozy. Andrea

  2. Hi Vicki!
    It sure doesn’t feel like spring is near, but I can’t wait. Your crocus peeping up is a hopeful sign. I was out yesterday boiling sugar maple sap for syrup, and it was COLD, lol.
    You’re going to love harvesting your own asparagus! That’s the thing I look forward to most every spring. And it’s so much better than what you get at the store.
    Love the fenced flower beds. I would do that if I wasn’t so lazy. I love to let my chickens loose, but they tear up flower beds mercilessly.
    Hope you enjoy the snow that’s on the way! (or so they say:)

  3. Your fence looks good. We are hoping to put a fence around our flowers this year. These chickens we have now though are not as bad to get into the flower beds as the others were. You are way ahead of us on the asparagus bed. We haven’t got ours ready yet. I love the garden picture. Makes me so ready for spring and summer. I like your shelf. It will look so pretty full of home canned goodies. God bless.

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