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How We Built a Cold Frame


My goal was really to have a cold frame by next winter. We had all the supplies lying around, though, and there wasn’t anything else better to do. πŸ™‚

We used some old landscape timbers and a couple of old windows that I picked up at a thrift store a few years ago.

After Quentin cut all the landscape timbers for me, I chose a sunny part of the yard and removed all the grass.


A weed barrier was laid.


First row of landscape timbers.




And Third row of landscape timbers. Secure timbers with nails or screws as you go.


Almost finished!


I still need to fill it with dirt and put hinges and latches on the windows. A heat lamp will be added. That will, hopefully, produce enough heat to germinate spinach seeds. Winter temps are coming soon as in it’s supposed to get down to 3ΒΊ tonight.

Wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “How We Built a Cold Frame

  1. This is great. My hubby scored some nice windows from someone’s trash and we are going to build a cold frame soon. Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop. Hope to see you again this week! πŸ™‚

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