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Thrift Store Fashion

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Quentin and I sneaked out early Saturday for a fun morning together including thrift shopping. He enjoys it as much as I do! After Christmas, I always start thinking spring. I like to have all our spring and summer clothes bought up before spring rolls around. Shopping for my girls is easy. We all three wear the same size so it is safe to buy up lots of things in our sizes because chances are somebody will like it. πŸ™‚



I found this outfit at our favorite thrift store. Clothes are only $1 each unless marked otherwise. And we love the 84 year old lady that runs it.

What I got:

Eddie Bauer 3/4 sleeve- $1

Gap Jacket-$3

Ann Taylor Jeans-$1

That’s $5 for a whole outfit, and that makes me happy!

Happy Thrifting,



7 thoughts on “Thrift Store Fashion

  1. dear vicki,
    wow… what a nice outfit!!! love the colors and the price,too. i wish we had trift-shops like yours.i like eddie bauer shirt’s…… i have a few in my wardrobe.
    have a wonderful day,

  2. This is a really nice outfit. You always find great buys. We really want to go thrift store shopping with you all soon. Let us know sometime when you’re going and hopefully we can go too.

  3. HI Vicki, thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s so good to see you. I was without internet for so long and I have missed you. I hope that you guys had a wonderful Christmas and that the new year is starting out great.

    I will bookmark your blog and try to stop by more often. Gosh I have been gone so long I can’t remember how to do some things on blogger lol

    Take care my friend, Janet W

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