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We Did It!

We finished up our first day of school.

August 1 seemed like a good day to start. It is Friday and everybody loves Friday. 🙂




Madison made us these cute (and yummy) poptarts for our first day back.


Some were chocolate and some were cinnamon and sugar.


And this was our lunch in case you are curious. (I know I have read a lot about school lunches lately.)

Homeschool Lunch :)

Homeschool Lunch 🙂 Egg & Tuna Salad with whole wheat crackers

 We have slowly been cutting back on our sugar intake. If you are trying to do the same, I think this post from The Family Homestead is really encouraging.

Right now we are working on math, grammar, spelling, biology, civics, and economics.

I plan on finishing biology and civics before Christmas break. After Christmas we will work on health and computer.

I also purchased the audio book for biology. Madison, McKenzie, and Bub listened to our lesson during lunch and afterwards used the textbook to answer questions and review modules. They seem to have really enjoyed this new way to do school.


I feel like we will have a very good school year.


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