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Picture Update

Things are slow around here. It has been a cool July overall. Not much has been happening in the garden. We are starting to pick okra and waiting for the tomatoes to ripen.

I need to clean out my expired plants to get ready to plant our fall seedlings. I have never done a fall garden before. I have 18 seedlings each of Kohlrabi, Collards, Broccoli, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Kale, and cabbage.


The cool weather has made it easy to catch up on all the yard work.

The grass could use some rain.

The Rose of Sharon bushes in the front yard have bloomed.


They look like miniature hibiscus blossoms.


Bonnie sleeping in the flower bed.


A cat in a box.


Lucy’s babies are getting big.


Quentin has been working long hours and hasn’t had a day off in 9 days. We spent Tuesday morning shopping and had lunch in our little town before he went into work. We have a nice thrift store and wonderful Mexican restaurant.  Quentin found these two Smurf glasses at the antique store. He collects character glasses and was happy to find his very first two smurf glasses.


Marigolds are blooming all over the garden.


A pretty pot of flowers.


Some pictures Madison took of the goats.




Have a great weekend!


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