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Summer Cold & Chicken Noodle Soup

When Quentin came home with a cold yesterday we whipped him up this chicken noodle soup.

Madison gathered the carrots and parsley for the soup from the garden and made garlic herb biscuits with our own garlic and herbs also.

With Quentin’s cold, soup, and cooler weather I feel like summer has left us. It is not going to be hot for several more days.


Chicken Noodle Soup

1 medium onion chopped

2 Large carrots chopped

2 stalks celery chopped

1 T. olive oil

1-2 quarts chicken broth(we used homemade)

handful of noodles

1 cup of chopped chicken(I used 1.5 lbs. cooked)

1 T. parsley

Saute veggies in oil until soft. Add chicken broth and cook veggies until tender. Add noodles and simmer 5 minutes. Add parsley.


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