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Reversible Mug Rug

I purchased this jelly roll of fabric a couple of days ago, and I am thinking I could become addicted to them.

They are a lot of fun.


I followed this super easy mug rug tutorial and love how it turned out.





3 thoughts on “Reversible Mug Rug

  1. This looks so good! Looks like you all have been busy this week. I bet the banana bread was good. It sure looks good. I wish you all could come to the picnic tomorrow. Talk to you soon and God bless.

  2. I love love love these. What a great idea. I never thought of getting these because I’m not a big quilter but as you have shown there are tons of other ideas you can do with these rolls. I live your stockings too. But the mug holders are my favourite
    I do need to get back into blogging I miss it so much, I still take pics everyday and tell myself I’m going to post them but just never get around to it for one reason or another.
    Take care

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