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Around Our Home

We have had some really nice days lately. And some really cold ones too. Saturday was near 70º and a wonderful day for working outdoors. The baby chicks got moved out to a little coop, the yard picked up, and flower beds cleared. Sunday was cool and rainy so we went shopping. Sunday evening we had a fire and watched an Ernest movie. Monday was a mixture of ice and rain and was very cold. Then there is today. The sun is shining and it is already 43º. I seriously can’t wait until the warm days out number the cold.

Here is a little of what has been happening around here.

Our crocuses are in full bloom.

Our crocuses are in full bloom.

Flower beds are cleared.

Flower beds are cleared.

Spring bulbs are breaking through the ground.

Spring bulbs are breaking through the ground.

Baby chicks have been moved outdoors.

Baby chicks have been moved outdoors.

We have been trying to relocate opossums.

We have been trying to relocate opossums.

Bub took a Hunter Safety class so he can get his hunting license.

Bub took a Hunter Safety class.

I hope everyone is experiencing little touches of spring. It is almost here. I can feel it.











9 thoughts on “Around Our Home

  1. Hi, Vicki,
    We had snow on our daffodils yesterday! What a surprise! The weather is supposed to be in the 60’s here today. That is March though.
    The little chicks are so cute!
    Congratulations to your son on completing the hunter safety class. 🙂

  2. Hi Vicki! I see you’re going to have purple crocuses, too – mine didn’t come up this year only white. Looks like you’re going to be enjoy quite a few flowers.

    It’s good your son went through the hunter safety course. Our youngest daughter took the classes several years ago. She’s never gone hunting, but it’s still a good class to take.

    The chicks look great!

  3. I was just thinking that your flowers should be coming up and that your crocuses should be blooming. Ours are blooming too. We went down to Jessica’s today. You should see everything that is blooming down there. Talk to you soon. God bless.

  4. Hi! Is that gray siding on your house? Ours has gray siding too! It is beginning to look like spring at your house. Bitter cold here today. I am impatient to get ourdoors. Our daffodils had come up awhile back but havne’t looked lately! Congratulations on your son taking the Hunter Safety course. Enjoy your chickies! Nancy

  5. Congratualations to Bub for completing the course! He and Quinton will certainly enjoy hunting together. Our weather has been crazy here too and we are ready for spring. Yikes possums! Those things have some scary teeth! Have you put your house on the market yet? How far away will you guys be moving? Hope you have a great week.


  6. Side Note: I hope Madison’s CT scan turned out well and I hope she doesn’t have much trouble with her mole removal. Please let us know how it goes. I will be praying for her. 🙂


  7. That sounds like a lot of great things going on in your neck of the woods. *smile* How did you find out about the hunter safty class? Do you all hunt often? I don’t fallow your blog closely enough to know so I ask. *small smile* Have a great spring day. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  8. Spring has sure sprung in your home. Congrats on the hunter safety course to Bub. We don’t have possums here, but we have a lot of other critters.
    Very pretty pics of the flowers ours are still under lots of snow. Happy Easter!!

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