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Ice Storm

We had a nice Christmas. I hope you all did too! Our Christmas was nice and sunny, and we spent most of our day outdoors. Today is a different story. There was a nice covering of snow around 3 this morning. Then around 7 it started to ice. The ice is very pretty; I just hope our power doesn’t go out!



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4 thoughts on “Ice Storm

  1. I like the holly picture, too. Ice is so pretty yet so dangerous. I was talking to my daughter earlier – it took her husband over an hour to get home to Pulaski from Blacksburg. He made it all right though.
    Stay warm!

    • Hi, Toni! I am glad your son-in-law made it home safely. We live in Floyd so we are not very far from your daughter. 🙂 The ice is still hanging around!

  2. Great day to stay in and enjoy all those christmas goodies. Your pictures looked very pretty with the ice. Just be careful. Take care and enjoy the rest of 2012.

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