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We have finished school and done our outdoor chores. Yogurt is incubating in the Crockpot and everything seems so peaceful. Today was our last day of school, and we are now on Christmas break. We are going to the movies tomorrow for a treat. I am looking forward to spending some fun time with my kids for the next two weeks.

It is 46º here today. It has warmed up quite a bit from yesterday’s 39º. We will miss the warm days that we have been having. Last week we got strawberry beds weeded, and Quentin pruned the grapevine. I made my first grapevine wreath and look forward to making more each time the grapevine is pruned. We harvested the radishes last week that had been growing in our fall garden. We sauteed them in butter and sprinkled them with garlic salt. It took the spicy/woody taste out of them, and they were very good.

First try at making a grapevine wreath

First try at making a grapevine wreath

Mixed Radishes

Mixed Radishes

Cooked in butter

Cooked in butter

We started making homemade gifts today for family and friends. These are M&M cookie mixes in a jar. I think they turned out cute. Madison made molasses cookies today. They turned out great even though she had to substitute honey for the molasses because our molasses had gone bad.


M&M cookie mix

Honey? Cookies :)

Honey? Cookies 🙂

Our chickens have started laying for us again. We had been buying eggs from the store, but they are not as good as our eggs. We are getting 6-9 eggs a day.


Fresh Eggs

Pippi is doing well. She is eating great and we can tell she is much heavier. She follows Madison around everywhere. We heard from the lady that we want to get our Nigerian buck from. She said two of her does should kid any day now. We are hoping to have goat’s milk from Lilac and Willow by next fall.

Pippi loves her bottle

Pippi loves her bottle



I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!










5 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. What an interesting post! Your grapevine wreath looks great especially for a first try.
    I’m really surprised your chickens are already laying again. Ours just quit laying a few weeks ago and won’t start again until early Feb. I love the dark shades of your eggs.
    Pippi and your daughter remind me of the stories a friend tells about her pet goat that she had when she was growing up in Chicago.
    It followed her around like a puppy.

  2. I have substituted honey for molasses before in cookies. It does give them a different flavor but they are still good.

    Your grapevine wreath looks so good. I may have to try one with our vines. I like you M&M cookie mixes. Fresh home grown eggs sure do taste better. Our hens are doing good now.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  3. Your grapevine wreath is so pretty. I usually trim ours in early spring. When I do maybe we could make some wreaths together. For some reason, I had never thought of making one. You always have the best ideas. I had no idea you were buying eggs. I could have given you some last time you were here. Ours have really cut back. 35 hens and we are only getting about a dozen a day. The easter egger hasn’t laid in at least a month maybe longer. Hopefully they will straighten up. They are all together now in one lot. That makes it easier to feed, water and gather the eggs. Your radishes look so good. I am already hungering for fresh garden food. I love your cookie mixes. They look so cheerful in the jar. Pippi looks so cute. I think she is growing. I hope you all have fun at the movies. What are you watching? Well, I guess I’ve wrote you a letter instead of a comment. We’ll talk soon. God bless.

  4. Your grapevine wreath has turned out perfect. I thought we were the only ones who’s chickens had gone on strike. We are finally getting eggs as well again. We too had to buy them. (Just not the same)
    I like what you did with your radishes, yummy!
    Your cookies looked yummy too!
    Your cookie gift sets turned out very pretty.
    Hope all is well with the family. Your little goat is to cute. Take care

  5. I wil have to remember your sateeing of raddishes when we grow them again. I don’t much care for them because I think they are hot! But if cooking them that way improves upon the taste, maybe I’ll give it a try. *smile* Thanks for sharing. Have a great break with your students. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

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