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Homemade Grape Juice

We didn’t get a whole lot of grapes this year, but I didn’t want to let what we did get go to waste.  That is so easy to do when you are used to seedless store bought grapes. So we made grape juice for the very first time following the recipe in the Ball Blue Book.  It was surprisingly easy.  First you wash, stem, crush, and measure grapes.  Add 1 cup water to each gallon crushed grapes.

Then heat grapes 10 minutes at 190º F.  Do not boil.  Strain juice through a damp jelly bag or several layers of cheesecloth.

Let juice stand 24 hours in refrigerator.  Ladle juice from pan, being careful not to disturb sediment.  Strain juice again.  measure juice; add 1 to 2 cups sugar to each gallon juice.  Reheat juice for 5 minutes at 190º.  Do not boil.

Ladle hot juice into hot jars, leaving 1/4 inch headspace.  Adjust two-piece caps.  Process pints and quarts 15 minutes in a boiling-water canner.

We will definitely be doing this again.  Hopefully the frost won’t get our grapes next year.  It tastes way better and is thicker than our favorite grape juice from the store.


4 thoughts on “Homemade Grape Juice

  1. I didn’t know you did this. Homemade grape juice is SO much better than store bought. Grace and I checked our grapes this evening and I think they will be ready by the end of the week. I had a great time today. I am fixing to take my shower and try out the new deodorant. God bless.

  2. Our grapes did not produce any grapes this year, so no juice for me. But I think this is a great recipe and I plan on putting it away in my box for next year. It looks so yummy.
    Thank you Vicki for the lovely comment on my post. Your yogurt recipe has been sitting in the back of my head now since you posted it. I can’t wait till I have a moment to give this a try. (I have been thinking about it everyday) as soon as things slow down a bit I am going to make it.
    Take care

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