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Summer is Winding Down

It is starting to feel more like fall and less like summer. Our evenings and nights have definitely been cooler.  Next week we will be doing full days of school, and our gardening is coming to an end.

We have still gotten a couple of surprises blooming this week.  Our hummingbird vine bloomed this year for the first time, and a hibiscus that my father-in-law started from a seed also bloomed for the first time.

hummingbird vine


I think our garden did pretty well this year.  Of course I am already making plans for a bigger, better one next year.  🙂  This week we canned salsa and bread and butter pickles and froze spaghetti sauce and corn.  Our onions are ready to be pulled and dried and our peaches are starting to fall from the tree.


bread and butter pickles and more salsa

corn ready to be frozen



We only got in three days of school this week-again.  Next week we will  do better.  We started reading this week instead of spelling.  We use Spelling Power, and I need to be ready to test them Monday.  I want to be sure I am starting them on the right level.

Today we have dusted, vacuumed, and made more spaghetti sauce.  Now the kids are watching westerns and making things with perler beads.

Bub’s Mario

We still need to make yogurt, sourdough bread, and do outdoor chores.  I hope you all have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Summer is Winding Down

  1. You are really busy. Your pickles and salsa look so yummy! We have cooler weather today with lower humidity. It feels wonderful. I don’t think it will stick around though. It’s supposed to heat back up but I’m certainly looking forward to fall. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Well Vicki,summer might be winding down but you sure are not. Great to see that your garden has done so well. I also love your flowers. This is the first time I have ever seen that vine.(how pretty)
    Thank you so much for your concern, yes we are all fine, but it has been so busy around here that I have not had a minute to get on and blog. Between making hay,then fighting the rains(which we so much needed) trying to clean out the barn,and making cedar shingles with Hubby,we even took a day off and traveled with the kids.
    I wil hope to post later today or tomorrow,but until then I hope all is well.
    Take care

  3. Everything looks beautiful!! Your peaches look yummy. We hope to do salsa in the morning. Can’t wait to see you all. We made molasses cookies for dessert tomorrow. Does that okay? God bless.

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