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Tomatoes, Corn, & Zucchini

What a difference two weeks makes!

tomatoes two weeks ago

tomatoes today

corn two weeks ago

corn today

zucchini two weeks ago

zucchini today

How I love watching the garden grow!  There are tons of little green tomatoes, and we have picked 5 zucchini so far.  The flour and dawn dish liquid seem to be helping out with the squash bugs.  They have moved on to my son’s pumpkin and gourd vines.  I have been flouring those now.  Overall I am happy with how everything is growing.  I hope to be picking green beans soon.

One of several green bean “patches”. My kids did the planting. 🙂

We got a pretty good storm last night.  Lots of good rain for the garden!  Today we plan to stay indoors and get the house cleaned.  Tomorrow we will go grocery shopping and spend the rest of the day cooking.  My kids are going a little overboard with our 4th of July menu, and I’m letting them.  My mother-in-law is spending the 4th with us so they are planning a special day for their momaw.  I love watching them serve others.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



6 thoughts on “Tomatoes, Corn, & Zucchini

  1. That is nice to see the change in the garden. I hope that you have a wonderful 4th with your MIL.


  2. Your garden looks wonderful. Have you ever considered guina fowl for your yard? They sure do help take care of all those unwanted bugs that sem to destroy a garden.
    Just something I havevlearnedovervthe past few years.
    Your camping trip sounded fun. Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July.

  3. Your garden looks beautiful!! Everything is growing so nice. We will soon have zucchini. We have gotten 2 (small) cucumbers. They were SO good. I hope you all have a great 4th. God bless.

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