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Camping, Gladioulus, and Ducklings

We were finally able to enjoy our new tent.  We spent Thursday night at Claytor Lake State Park.  It is a very nice park, and we always have so much fun.

Our Campsite

When we got home we had a nice surprise from Quackers.  All her hard work had paid off, and she had 8 little ducklings.

Quacker’s Ducklings

We were also surprised to see our glads had started to bloom.  Our weather has been a bit on the warm side for the last couple of days.  It was 98º out today at 3:00.  Thankfully the heat is not bothering our plants.


I hope you all have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Camping, Gladioulus, and Ducklings

  1. That sure is hot. What a fun time to go camping.

    Quackers sure gave you a nice surprise. How fun to watch them with their mama. Your gladiolas are beautiful.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family.


  2. Looks like you had your tent set up in a nice spot. Quackers babies are so cute!! I am not sure what to tell you about the 4th. I think Dave and Jess are coming up but I’m not sure yet. What time are you planning on eating?

  3. Our heat in our area has broken a record. It is the hottest here ever recorded (in the last 140 years). We have reached 112 with no end in sight. The humidity is awful. I love to tent camp but Lance only likes to camp in a camper. LOL. I’m glad you guys had a chance to enjoy your new tent. The babies are adorable. Have a great weekend.


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