Camping or Not

Quentin got up early Tuesday morning to go fishing while the kids and me were still in bed.  We soon got up and started packing to go camping.

Quentin fried up the trout he caught and made some hushpuppies for lunch.

We cleaned up, loaded the car, and headed to Claytor Lake. It is our favorite place to camp.  We got our tent set up and went for a walk.

We visited the gift shop and museum.

On our way back it started to rain.  We have always camped in the rain and enjoyed it.  We noticed a few leaks and dried them up. We lay on our sleeping bags and played hangman until the rain stopped.   We had burgers, baked beans, and smores for supper.

We had barely cleaned up when it started to pour the rain.  We got back in the tent and noticed more leaks.  This was the fifth year we had used this tent and it was giving out on us.  We decided to save our sleeping bags and sleep mats and abandon the tent.  We were only a hop, skip, and a jump away from home so we went home to spend the night.  We also did some tent shopping online. 🙂

Wednesday morning we had sausage and biscuits and gravy for breakfast, cleaned up the house, and headed back to our campsite to pick up where we left off.  We checked out our tent to see how much damage was done and decided we would not be bringing our tent home.

We got our swimsuits on and headed to the lake.  There is a really nice trail to the beach area.

We played in the water for a couple of hours, went back to our campsite for lunch, got packed up and headed home.

I got everything put away from our camping adventure.  We spent the evening working in the garden and making  strawberry jam.

Today we have taken care of the animals, washed clothes, and moved Caspian and the chicks to fresh grass.  We will work on school after lunch then go back outdoors to work in the garden and play with kittens.  It is hard to stay in on such a nice day.

Blessings from One and a Half Acre Homestead!


Memorial Day Weekend


We took the kid’s picture on this tree the same way last summer. 🙂

We really wanted to camp over the weekend, but we did not reserve a campsite so they were all filled up.  We spent Friday at Grayson Highlands instead.  It was a nice day for a cookout and hike.

Bambi is always happy to come along.

Saturday we went grocery shopping, cooked out at home, and did yard work.  We now have our tomatoes planted and our corn and beans are up.  I got the corn hoed but everything else needs to grow a little more so I can better tell where my rows are.  My kids helped Quentin plant our seeds, and they can’t remember where they planted what.  I told them we have a “wait and see” garden. 🙂

Quentin & Me on the crooked tree

We are taking today off from school.  We spent the morning cleaning the chicken coop and  goat house and spreading straw around our tomato plants.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Back to Normal

some camels we saw along the road last week

Time has seemed to drag by slowly the last couple of weeks.  We were on the road a lot visiting Quentin’s grandfather and again traveling back and forth from the funeral home.  My kids are blessed to have been so close to their great grandparents(grandma & grandpa) and learned so much from them.  (My favorite pictures of them are when my kids were younger.)

my kids with grandpa & grandma on the right

Grandma with Quentin Jr., Madison, & McKenzie

Things are getting back to normal around here.  We have started working on school again, and we are enjoying being home.  How I love to be home!

picking grandpa’s crab apples

Bub “petting” grandpa’s dog Scrappy

Our garden is just now starting to grow.  We have had a lot of rain.  Now if we could just get warm up a little more with lots of sunshine I think we would be all set.  The only thing we have picked so far is strawberries.  We have made pie, jam, and strawberry cobbler.  We will make more jam tonight after this evenings picking.

strawberry cobbler

My tomato plants have spent the last two nights outdoors and have even withstood a couple of rain storms.  The garden is prepared and they are ready to plant now.  I will “chop” 36 holes out later with my post hole digger and put my plants in.

this chicken is always riding on Willow’s back

Sagwa’s kittens are growing so quickly.  There is a black, a tabby, and two siamese.  Aren’t they beautiful!

Sagwa’s kittens

Sorry for such a scattered post. 🙂 I hope you all are doing well.

Blessings from One and a Half Acre Homestead!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope you all have a special day!  It has been several days since I posted again so I thought I would give you a glimpse into our days with more pictures.

A bouquet of flowers from McKenzie.

Our rhododendrons are blooming.

36 tomato plants that I am hardening off.  I increase their outdoor time by 1 hour each day.  In a week and a half they will be ready to be planted in the garden.  I also got some pepper plants that I will start hardening off tomorrow.

Last night I made rhubarb jam.  We all love it except for Quentin.  He is really supportive though.  He says 4 out of 5 people isn’t bad. 🙂

Today’s egg “harvest”.  Our ladies are working hard to keep us fed. I always think the eggs are so pretty.

I have finished putting in wooden posts across the top of our yard.  This picture doesn’t show them all. I lack 4 more wooden posts down by the road.  I am glad because I am getting really tired of putting them in.  I like doing the metal posts much better.

My Mother’s Day gift was a window box outside of the kitchen window.  Now when I look out I will see pretty flowers and not just a carport. 🙂

Today’s strawberry harvest.  I can’t wait until we start picking enough to put away.

Our neighbors field is full of blackberry blossoms.  She lets us pick them.

The weather has allowed for several cook outs.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we will visit Quentin’s grandfather and deliver these to my mother-in-law.  I thought they were so pretty.  Quentin’s grandfather had a stroke last Sunday and is not doing well.  He decided a while back that he did not want any help when it came time for him to go so he is at home and the family has set up hospice.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our week and have a great Mother’s Day.

Blessings from One and a Half Acre Homestead!

Our Week in Pictures

Happy May!  I can’t believe the first week in May has come and (almost) gone.  We have had a good mixture of sunshine and rain.  Even some temps in the 80’s!  We have kept busy with school work and outdoor work.

This rose bush has started to bloom and has been putting on quite a show with these pretty blossoms.

Our strawberries have started to ripen.  My husband says in a couple of weeks i will have more than I know what to do with.  I hope he’s right!

Another pretty flower has bloomed.

We are 10 fence posts closer to having the field fenced in.  I did all 10 wooden posts myself.  Although I am quite proud of myself, a nice new post hole digger makes all the difference.

Leia, one of our 6 kitties, enjoying a newly decorated corner. (I just rearranged with things I already had)  I think she approves. 🙂

Some broccoli and cauliflower that my neighbor gave us ready for the freezer.   We like it steamed with cheese.

And someone grew another year older.  Yikes, that would be!  I am now twenty-thirteen. 😉

I hope you all have a great week.

Blessings from One and a Half Acre Homestead!